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Digital Fabrication: Innovation meets Art Head-on

Our Values

Integrity: An ethically-driven, full transparency philosophy.

Reliability: Wanting customers to expect the best, every time.

Service: Our goal is the customer's well-being; if their lives improve by our interaction, we succeeded.

Creativity: A world without borders is the world we want.

Collaboration: Combining efforts (customers & ourselves) to achieve the most.

The Environment: Avoiding waste, careful prevention of destructive processes, and an aim towards developing future models from recycled materials.

Fun: We love making things.  Period.


Parametric Design is the process by which scripts, or algorithms, are used to generate & model geometry within set parameters. Thanks to this ever-increasing innovation, we are able to customize highly complex shapes, structures, and geometry of various types with minimal effort.

What we do

  • Design new models - Furniture, Interior Fixtures, Architectural Structures
  • Prototype new designs
  • Work with & establish relationships with customers (see below)
  • Collaborative problem solving with customers in a one-on-one setting
  • Fabricate & produce original designs
  • Packaging & Shipping of our products

Who we do it for

  1. Homeowners
  2. Wholesalers & Furniture Companies
  3. Interior Designers & Firms
  4. Large-Scale Clients, Art Collectors, Businesses (Such as Airports, Malls, Museums, etc.)
  5. Anyone else with interest in organic furniture!

How we do it

All custom models are first conceptualized by our team or by means of one-on-one collaboration. We then begin the design process, using 3D CAD software, and the process of algorithmic modeling and parametric design. Afterwards, we prototype miniature models using some of our 3D Printers and other model making processes. Finally, we fabricate!  This usually takes place with laser cutting machines and CNC routing. Throw in some packaging & shipping, and it's on its way!

To see more about our USA-based company, visit our Facebook Page or Check out our Etsy Online Storefront.


Nick ODonnell - Founder & Head Designer.  Click to view LinkedIn

Nick ODonnell - Founder & Head Designer.  Click to view LinkedIn

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