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Aevum Bench

Length: 220 inches
Height: 63 inches
Width: 90 inches

The Aevum Bench was created to provoke and inspire.  Aevum, meaning eternity in Latin, is a heavy concept to anyone, regardless of walk of life.  This piece was made to remind those who see it that although this world may be broken at times, and seem even twisted at others, beauty and grace can always be found in the midst of the darkness.

Crafted from Baltic Birch Plywood, the Aevum Bench is made up of 208 individual sections, and is held together by a network of zinc-plated, threaded metal rods and wooden spacers. The Aevum Bench can be altered from its natural light-brown color, and can be stained or painted in a variety of different color options. If you do not see your preferred color displayed, please reach out to us so that we can accommodate your aesthetic taste. By default, we finish this piece with a high-quality, lacquer based satin finish.

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