Levigo Chair & Stool

Length: 35 inches (seat) 15 inches (footrest)
Height: 32 inches (seat) 14 inches (footrest)
Width: 32 inches (seat) 26 inches (footrest)

The Levigo Chair & Stool were made to add a contemporary, postmodern flair to the space they occupy. Is it comfortable? Many are surprised to hear yes!  Our new age of digital design and more advanced tools are helping us to see that even harder materials, when designed with human-fitting form in mind can become surprisingly welcoming when created well.

The Levigo Chair & Stool are finished with a high quality satin lacquer and are available in many different colors - both stained wood and solid paints.  If you do not see your preferred color displayed, please reach out to us directly so that we can accommodate your aesthetic taste.

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