Adobe Product Design Feature #2

Terraform Design’s custom bench build at the Sabal Palm Plaza was recently spotlighted by Adobe on their design & portfolio site.

Sabal Palm Feature on Behance 10-2-18.png

The Sabal Palm Bench was a custom piece done for a building in downtown Sarasota, Florida in the hometown of Terraform Design. Built with just under 140 pieces, the Sabal Palm Bench is the largest custom bench piece the company has done to date.

Nick Odonnell -6 handmade parametric furniture cnc router postmodern organic geometric plywood airport museum public bench terraform design.jpg

This is the second feature Terraform Design has had via Adobe, after the Spore Lamp was featured back in 2016. To see the original posting on Behance, view it here; otherwise you can request a piece like this using our contact page.